With Our Arms Joined Together

With Our Arms Joined Together

Gelacio Guillermo


With our arms joined together, do you not fear?

There are thousands and thousands of us answering

To the calls of our brothers sworn to one great creed.

Listen and shudder at the anger in our voices!


We come from all places where men still lead

Downtrodden lives and die like famished dogs.

We come from the streets and slums of towns

And cities, from the factories that doom our days


To dull, mechanical labor, the whole of us silently

Bearing our souls’ anguish; our hearts seethe

With revolt against all forces that drag our creative life

Down the snare of death. We come from the dens of rats.


You shall cringe as you watch us unfurl the banner

Of our brotherhood, mark the resolute ring in the army

Of voices joined together in one song, the song

Of the poor workers, the jobless, the starving,


The song also of men without homes and without lands

In the country of their birth. With us have come

Our women and our innocent children and the ghosts

Of our fathers and the horde of dead men we have never known!


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