Excerpt from “The Main Gallery” (from The Cave)

by Cirilo F. Bautista

Not how the heart can recall the anecdote

Of silence but what ancestry can give,

Not why this extant art suffers extinction

But for what the cave needs expiation,

Not the artist, nor the art, but that which moves

Both art and artist to a clear expression

Of selfhood, whether predatory or

Civilized, the cave returning to caveness.


“…ancestry can give back natural life, organic existence” (Canilao 1972, 514).


Carlos M. Canilao made an extensive reading on Cirilo F. Bautista’s poetry collection “The Cave and Other Poems.” Citation details of his work:


Canilao, Carlos M. 1972. “The Reordered Reality in The Cave and other Poems.” In SLU Research Journal, 3 (3-4): 472-554. 


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