And What Are Words?

by: Gemino Abad

What keeps us together? – Words.

And what are words? Initials of my soul


Transmitted through our inhuman air,

But driving root again in your speech,


As finding there hospitable dwelling,

Or ample illusion, since in your voice


I am again transformed and again,

Even as in the words I speak


I come again upon you and again,

In utricles of the innermost ear,


Singing silences, those pauses that 

For itself the imagination requires.


That you and I, again identified,

May continue to send rarest signals


Across our in human air,

Continue to conjecture in that void,


And conjure images of ourselves

To inhabit that inhabitable air,


Or images of the world,

Swinging comet-like through fiery speech,


Or notions of the sun, once worshipped

When his orbit strayed through the heart,


Or ideas of the moon, cold, august,

Lying hid in our youthful loves,


Toward that possibility of the imagination,

Casting fictive nest for mind’s heraldry.


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